I've been writing rhymes for 18 years.  Growing up in a musical environment, I would listen to Art Laboe mix tapes given to me by my grandfather.  Hearing the stories those old school R&B artists would tell really influenced my style of hip-hop.  My style focuses on lyrical content with a unique storytelling aspect and flowing like no other.


"I don't usually write without a beat.  I don't try and think of ideas for songs either.  I hear the beat and just kind of translate what it's sayin' to me." - Vallejo PNW

I moved to Washington state when I was really young. It wasn't until I got older that I started listening to different kinds of music. Nirvana, Metallica, once I began opening my mind to different genres, I couldn't stop.  I realized that every artist, every band had an impact on my style and the way I wrote songs. 


"Shaping the mood of a song to communicate how we're feeling or what we're thinking is one of the greatest things you can do as a musician." - Vallejo PNW

      My goal is to become the top rapper and one of the best producers in the world working with new and popular artists to help them translate whats in their head to fresh tracks.  I want to write songs for artists of every genre, film their music videos, and much more. With an unbelievable ear for music, great talent, and an unstoppable drive, I'm ready to make a huge impact in the music industry.

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